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  • The what, why and how of positive affirmations

Ever thought about the power of your words?  We’re not talking about the affect your words have on others when you say something encouraging, uplifting or downright hurtful and unkind. No, we’re talking about the affect your words  have on you. 

Every day we think thoughts in words and we tell ourselves things about what we’re doing, what we should do and what we have done.  We interpret the world through our words and thoughts.  Our words influence our thoughts and at the same time our thoughts influence our words.

90 years ago Florence Scovel Shinn wrote about the influence of our subconscious on what we do and the way our words

“Any man who does not know the power of the word, is behind the times” Florence Scovel Shinn, The Game of Life and How to Play It, 1925

Over the last few episodes we’ve looked at the unhelpful words that we tell ourselves, the words that with repetition lead us to the beliefs and thoughts that hold us back, keep us living small and limit our opportunities and achievements. Today we’re talking about words that do exactly the opposite – words that help us create the life we want.

So don’t be behind the times – listen to Episode 17 of the Changeability Podcast to find out about the power of your words and how to use them to affirm yourself and what you want in life or business. It’s the what, why and how of positive affirmations.

In today’s show you’ll find out:

  • What we learn from a 90 year old book about the power of our words.
  • How you already use affirmations every day of you life.
  • What are positive affirmations
  • Why they fit into the mind management tool-kit
  • How Kathryn pokes fun at the idea of affirmations (there’s even a little quiz)
  • How affirmations work
  • What’s so special about neuroplasticity (apart from it being a great word)
  • How you grow thoughts
  • What’s the difference between a neural pathway and a forest pathway (hint – surprisingly little)
  • How to raise your feel-good hormones and create the future you want

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