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Julian and Kathryn

We're Kathryn and Julian, life coaches with one mission: "To provide you with the ingredients for a happy, fulfilled life - we call it Brilliant Living."

And together we've helped over 350,000 people like you with our 10 step Changeability program.

Our approach



Customer Reviews

"Where has this amazing couple been all my life?! 🙂 Love Kathryn, love Julian, and let's not forget Dude!!! Love this podcast - the topics, the delivery of it all... it's simply unique, uplifting and inspiring! Thank you guys!" Ola-B

"This is a really practical, actionable and inspirational podcast. Thank you Julian and Kathryn for putting the thought and attention into making this show so useful." Rachieroo31

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The Changeability Book: Manage your Mind, Change your LIfe

In Paperback or Kindle

Customer Reviews

"Kathryn has managed to distill down a plethora of evidence-based practices into a useful go-to resource. I purchased physical copy and kindle versions and I'm sure you will too when you see the benefits of this book." Mark

"An easy to read collection of fabulous advice on making positive changes in your life." R. Tubb

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The step-by-step program


Customer Reviews

"Now I feel at peace because I know what I'm supposed to be doing. By using the techniques, I have written a book and had great reviews. I cannot imagine, without such a plan, being able to be here." Ulana Dabbs - Writer

"What I've learnt here has encouraged & motivated me, made me push past my fears into taking action & helped me to literally see myself succeeding & being the person I want to be, living the life I want to live."Vicki Worgan - Blogger

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