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We all visualise everyday as we think about what we're going to do, or imagine how something's going to turn out before we do it, or how we're going to feel. Here we take what you do naturally to the next step, so that you visualise with purpose to help you achieve and live the life you desire.

Visualisation for Brilliant Living uses the well-established technique of creative visualisation and mental rehearsal used by top sportspeople and performers, to bring you a guided visualisation of your ideal life, including health, wealth, success and happiness.

Our carefully crafted visualisation takes you to an optimum state of deep relaxation prior to delivering positive, creative visualisation statements to your conscious and subconscious mind to help you clarify your vision and goals and bring them to life.

The visualisation technique for manifesting your desires is set to beautiful, specially composed music and sounds from nature.

Listening to the recording is an effective and convenient way of getting into the habit of visualisation. It give you an easy way to mentally rehearse the realisation of your vision and goals in a structured and timed way, as part of a relaxing, enjoyable experience.​

Visualisation for Brilliant Living

For Health, Wealth, Success and Happiness
Price £20
Format: .MP3
Total running time: 30 minutes

What you get

Creative general visualisation

So you can meaningfully visualise success in key areas of your life including health and fitness, home and love, work and wealth, experience and leisure.

Fully guided visualisation

The carefully crafted dialogue leads you to a state of deep relaxation so you can effectively picture and embed your goal-setting dreams and vision.

Present positive visualisation

In line with best practice to engage your subconscious to support your goals through assuming the positive visualisation statements are real now.

Natural sounds

Real sounds from nature (with no loops) mean you're gently and lovingly brought to a state of genuine relaxation.

Male or female voice

A choice of voice to listen to, so you can fully relate to this guided visualisation with a voice to suit your preference.

Bespoke visualisation music

Specially composed music to enable a perfect mix between music and narration.


  1. Visualisation for Brilliant Living (female voice) [15 mins]
  2. Visualisation for Brilliant Living (male voice) [15 mins]

How to get your affirmations

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Get Visualisation for Brilliant Living: Health, wealth, success and happiness now.​

Visualisation for Brilliant Living

For Health, Wealth, Success and Happiness
Price £20
Format: .MP3
Total running time: 30 minutes


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