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We all visualise everyday as we think about what we're going to do, or imagine how something's going to turn out before we do it, or how we're going to feel.

Here we take what you do naturally to the next step, so you visualise with purpose to help you achieve and live the life you desire.

Visualisation for Abundance uses the well-established technique of creative visualisation and mental rehearsal used by top sportspeople and performers, to bring you a guided visualisation for abundance in your life.

​Abundance is all around you. We live in an abundant world full of good things, with more than enough to go round. Yet it doesn't always feel like this. We get sidetracked with thoughts of lack or a scarcity mindset, where money is in short supply. And these limiting thoughts hold us back from achieving the abundance we desire.

Imagine looking at your bank account with excitement and anticipation; imagine having all the money you need - well that's what you'll be doing with this guided meditation

Visualisation for Abundance puts you in a positive mindset for recognising, celebrating and creating more abundance in your life.

Our carefully crafted recording takes you to an optimum state of relaxation and delivers positive statements to your conscious and subconscious mind. These help you recognise and appreciate the abundance you have and to mentally rehearse having the abundance you desire.

This visualisation technique for manifesting your desires is set to beautiful specially composed music and sounds from nature.

Listening to this recording is an effective and convenient way of getting into the visualisation habit. It gives you an easy way to mentally rehearse the realisation of your vision and goals in a structured and timed way, as part of a relaxing enjoyable experience.​

Visualisation for Abundance

Price £20
Format: .MP3
Total running time: 22 minutes

What you get

Creative visualisation

To purposefully visualise more abundance in your life.

Fully guided visualisation

A carefully crafted dialogue to lead you to a state of deep relaxation so you can effectively picture and embed your vision for abundance.

Present positive visualisation

To engage your subconscious to support your goals through assuming the positive visualisation statements are real now.

Natural sounds

To naturally induce relaxation.

Male or female voice

A choice of female or male voice to suit your preference.

Visualisation music

A gentle musical accompaniment to enhance an emotional connection and create a perfect mix between music and narration.


  1. Visualisation for Abundance - female voice [11 mins]
  2. Visualisation for Abundance - male voice [11 mins]

How to use this visualisation

Sit or lie down (preferably in a quiet place if possible) and relax. Only listen to this visualisation where and when it is safe to do so. As this recording is designed to put you into a relaxed state, DO NOT listen to it while driving or operating machinery.

This audio product brings into focus the abundance you have and guides you through imagining what your life of full abundance looks like, by directing your thoughts to key areas of abundance and wealth in your life.

As you listen to the guided visualisation, personalise it by imagining yourself at the centre of the action or view yourself as the subject of it (as if watching a film where you are the star).

Use the power of your imagination to bring the guided visualisation to life for you, and help change your mindset to one of abundance in all things.

When to use it

The key to success with visualisation is repetition, so the best way to use this audio is to listen​ to it regularly, or as often as desired.

Because of the morning imagery used in this visualisation, it also provides a great start to the day as a morning visualisation to set you up for a productive and abundant day.​

Visualisation for Abundance

Price £20
Format: .MP3
Total running time: 22 minutes


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