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The Art of Epic Wellness

Nicole Keating is on a mission to live a life of Epic Wellness, and to inspire and help others in their quest for The Art of Epic Wellness – a life of physical, spiritual and emotional vitality.

Nicole maintains:

“If you treat your body as a temple, then your body is going to treat you with beautiful energy and epic vitality”

And who doesn’t want more energy and vitality? We know we certainly do.

Behind the concept of epic wellness is the belief you have the right to know what’s going into the temple that is your body, and the responsibility to share what you know with the people you love.

“It’s all about becoming involved with your food”, Nicole tells us.

And this carries on from ideas we explored on last week’s Changeability Podcast where we were talking about wellness and wellbeing.

Nicole’s website, theartofepicwellness.com and her podcast of the same name seeks to do just that, to explore, uncover, question, unburden and uplevel your wellness journey. After all…

“When you invest in clean food going into your body you won’t have to invest later in your healthcare.”

With a life voyage of such life changing proportions, we thought the only decent and British thing to do was to invite her onto the Changeability Podcast to discuss not the science but the Art of Epic Wellness.

And when the California State (where Nicole lives) and good old blighty meet – that’s home to Kathryn and I – there’s bound to be room for lively discussion on living a life of such epic proportions.

On today’s Changeability Podcast

Hear Nicole, Kathryn and I discuss:

  • What is Epic Wellness?
  • What is Nicole’s new Art of Epic Wellness Manifesto?
  • Food integrity – the importance of source, and eating seasonally
  • Nurturing our four quadrants:
    • the heart
    • the mind and creativity
    • the spirit
    • and the body.
  • Nicole’s tragedy that brought urgency to the idea of epic wellness.
  • The changes you might need to make in your life to achieve your own epic wellness.
  • Why you might need to try an elimination diet to determine potential allergens in your body
  • How we can live more in a state of physical, spiritual and emotional vitality.
  • The concepts of unburdening and uplevelling ourselves
  • Mindfulness and eating – creating one mindful meal a day
  • How you can start that wellness journey
  • And more

“I like to think of my meal as a palette, I’m building a beautiful canvas of food in front of me and I want to see all the different colours, I want to have different textures, I like to have some things cooked and some things raw and whenever I am cooking, I’m thinking about it that way.”

Links mentioned on this week’s show