That Sunday Night Feeling

It’s a Sunday night. It’s just about time to go to bed, before another busy week of work. So, how is that Sunday Night feeling?

Be honest now!

How do you feel at the prospect of the week ahead?

Just shut your eyes for a second. Picture it or imagine it now?

Incidentally, I’m not talking about a particular thing happening tomorrow or this week, which is worrying you. I’m talking about how you regularly feel about your working week, week in and week out.


  • Sinking feeling or excitement?
  • Dread or joy?
  • Not one or the other. It’s what I do. It’s the humdrum. It earns my bread and butter. It’s just work; it has to be done.

Does it though? Does work have to just be done?

Are there really people who absolutely love what they do? Who don't suffer from that Sunday Night Feeling!

I used to work with someone who said there was ‘absolutely no difference in how he felt from Sunday night to Monday morning.’ And if you, like him say: Yes, I love what I do, then this is not for you. Switch off now, check out some of the great cat videos which make you laugh! Or see what your friends are up to on Facebook. Have a great life. You’ve already achieved what many people fail to do their entire lives. But do be honest with yourself.

Still here? I’d have still been here a few years back.

I always had that sinking feeling on a Sunday night, that dread of the week ahead. Often it was like a physical weight being put back on my shoulders on a Sunday evening. I even remember casting it off on the Friday as I left work! As I got in the car and zoomed out of the work car park (may be a little too enthusiastically) with the weekend ahead.

Time was my own again. I’d given it up for the last 5 days to someone else, my employer. These two days were mine, hence the speed to get out the car park and get on with the weekend ahead.

And do you know what? This could have gone on for ever! I know lots of people like this, this might be you, who every week feel they give up 5 days of their life for the 2 days of the weekend. Who frankly dread their working life, but put up with it. It pays the bills, it’s only a few years until retirement, what else could I do, what’s the alternative, people like me don’t live the life of their dreams?

But people do you know. People do live the life of their dreams. People do what they love and are often incredibly successful too. And we’ve met them on our own journey.

So, I hear you say, this is someone else’s life. Not mine. What could I do about it?

Well, here’s some things you could do to kick start that process…

Firstly, you could take a little time to think about (and write down) what you would like your life to look like? Forget all the reasons why you can’t live this life at the moment! They are real concerns, we’re not trying to say they’re not, but what we are saying is that if you really want to live life on your own terms, you have to know what those terms are. What you want your changed life to look like.

What is the vision for your life?

It might help to think of this in terms of ‘If money were no object, then I would…’ (and you can fill in the blanks). Or “If I could, I’d love to…”

Another useful way is to think of “What did I want to do when I was younger, or a child, or before all these commitments got in the way…”

Incidentally, if you think. Yes, ok. I’ll do this at some point, then once again I’d say switch off and go back to the funny cat videos on YouTube, or whatever floats your boat, because there are people who want change and do something about it and then there are the rest. And that’s ok, we sometimes have to reach a point where we know we have to  change. If that feels like you, we’re talking to you.

Break down your vision into goals

The next thing you could do is break that vision down into some goals – you may not be able to see a way to achieve them at this moment, but don’t worry about that. Just go with the flow.

If you have done those two steps, your vision and your goals, you will be in a small but significant ‘mighty’ minority. Now you and I know that it doesn’t just stop here, just because you have goals doesn’t mean you always achieve them, but if you’ve come this far then we would like to offer you a next step.

Live Free Webclass

We have a live web class coming up where we tell you our story, how we got out of that Sunday night feeling and how you could too. We’d love to see you there, but only if you want to… there’s always those cat videos or friend updates, or the next Sunday night feeling until retirement!

The Free web class, if you’re interested is called “How to manage your mind to achieve your goals and transform your life, without willpower, self-sabotage or failure.” Hope to see you there.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention.  There's a Free Quick Start Goals Mini-Series for everyone signing up to the webclass.