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  • Reflect and celebrate! On Day 30

Wow - I've made it!

30 videos in 30 days and here is the 30th of those videos.

As it's the last day of the #vidtember challenge it only seems right in today's final vidtember video to take a little look back at the experience over the past month of producing a video a day.

What have I learnt? It's been harder than I thought but also more fun that I thought and I've learnt things about the process and about myself! Watch the video to find our more.

And if it's all sounding a bit worthy - don't worry it's the prequel to celebrating the last day and job done! Which is why it comes to you from a suitably celebratory location.

Reflect and celebrate just also happens to be the final part of the Changeability mind management techniques and tactics I've been sharing with you over the past  few days - it's almost like it was planned!

So if you like a bit of local history with your video you'll get a flavour of it here, as I come to you today from a local hostelry - more commonly known as a pub - which is over 500 years old and claims to be the oldest building in the town.

Breaking news!

What's more as I write this post I've just found out that I've won the #vidtember prize from the instigator and creator of the whole #vidtember thing - Chris Ducker from ChrisDucker.com!  I'm thrilled!

So congratulations to the others who took part and a million thanks Chris - for the kind words, for the brilliant prize (which funny enough we were thinking of buying last week - how did you know) and most of all thanks for laying down the challenge - it's been a blast.

By the way, this isn't the last video you'll be seeing from me - but it's the last one for a little while! So thanks for watching and keep coming back to see what we're up to. And don't forget you can hear us every week on the Changeability Podcast!