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What does it take to be successful in any part of your life? 

Yes, setting goals.

Yes, being clear about what you want.

Yes, doing the work and putting in the hours to create or improve or develop the skill or the relationship – or whatever it is you want to achieve. 

But what if there was another ingredient that you could throw into the mix to give you that extra edge?  Would you use it to up your game or even get ahead of the competition?

These might sound like sporting metaphors and we’ve used them on purpose, because this is the very thing that many people, including sportspeople, use to give them that extra something that leads to their success.

So what is it that they have? Well it’s something we all have it’s just they use it for a specific purpose.  It’s IMAGINATION. 

They use the power of imagination to create the success they desire, and you can do the same.

It’s true that the imagination is where this success initially starts, and where it plays out until it becomes reality.

But in that imagining and playing out of your vision of what success looks like and how to get it, you’re planting the neural seeds that grow into expectation and even memory, both mental and physical.  

This is all about mindset and getting your subconscious mind to work for you.

If you’re after inspiration to imagine your way to success, you’ll find it in episode 28 of the Changeability Podcast where we look at some of the people who have done just this.

You’ll hear from and about people who’ve experienced massive success in their field, whether in sports or entertainment. But it’s not just about the rich and famous as we also share some more everyday examples of how visualization can help you imagine your way to success, whatever that success looks like to you.

The Changeability Podcast – Episode 28

In this episode:

  • Test your powers of detection as we share the voices and experience of people who’ve used their imagination to visualize their success.
  • Hear the words of a super achiever who’s excelled in 3 different areas
  • Learn about the mega personality who used the practice of ‘future history’ to win win win
  • Find out which premier league footballer uses the power of visualization to play the perfect game
  • Hear how Johnny Wilkinson imagines scoring those rugby goals
  • Listen to how one London 2012 gold medal winner visualizes events to her advantage
  • Find out how Julian ended up with a hippopotamus and Kathryn passed her exams
  • Understand what happens in your brain as you imagine your way to success

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