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In episode 12 of the Changeability Podcast we talk about making goals happen with entrepreneur Chris Marr.

Yes, we’re super excited to have our first guest on the show, because Chris is a real-life example of someone who takes massive action when it comes to using goals in his life and business.

Chris set out two years ago with a mission to become an expert goal setter and in this practical session he shares the challenges and successes he’s experienced, and gives us a fascinating insight into the system he uses.

We’ve been looking at goals and vision in the last few episodes of the Changeability Podcast, and it’s great to hear today from someone who’s making goals happen in such a real and positive way in his life and business.

This episode is full of actionable tips and techniques for anyone who wants to change or achieve something and have a positive outlook in their life and business.

All this and more with Chris Marr, host of the popular Marketing Academy Podcast and founder of Learning Everyday and the Content Marketing Academy conference.

As we delve right into Chris’s take on goals you’ll find out about:

  • Why goal setting works – and the evidence Chris found to prove it
  • 3 major goals Chris has achieved in life and business
  • The 8 step system Chris uses to create his goals and become an expert goal setter
  • Some of the challenges and difficulties of making goals happen
  • Thinking big and small
  • Logic and creativity
  • Why SMART goals are a great place to start
  • Why goal-setting is a number one success principle
  • What is a goal cash up
  • The hardest thing about goals (and it’s not the goals)
  • What stops us achieving our goals
  • Finding your own way and being yourself
  • Chris’s formula for staying in an optimum mindset to achieve what you want
  • Some harsh advice (it’s not that bad really)
  • The power of being around great people
  • Why Chris doesn’t watch the news anymore
  • Why you should never moan about Monday mornings if you’re a friend of Chris’s
  • How to stay positive

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