We’ve reached episode 50 and Step 9 of The Changeability Podcast – hurray!

Not entirely sure why, but 50 seems a significant number – a bit of a milestone. And we’re marking this 50th episode with the launch of the Changeability Starter Kit.

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“Accountability separates the wishers in life from the action-takers that care enough about their future to account for their daily actions.” ~ John Di Lemme

Today’s episode calls you to be accountable.

If you’ve set your goals, worked on your inner self talk and beliefs through affirmations and visualisation, know the actions to make those goals happen for you and you’re all set to go – what’s going to keep you on track?

What will motivate you when events throw you off course, you reach a plateau or your goals feel out of reach?

It’s the 9th of our 10 Changeability steps and it’s a big one – accountability or to put it another way – find a way to be accountable.

Accountable for your actions, your goals, yourself.

In episode 50 of The Changeability Podcast you’ll find out:

  • The sort of numbers Kathryn likes (random!)
  • What’s The Changeability Starter Kit
  • A definition of accountability and other ways of thinking about it
  • Why accountability isn’t dull
  • Why you didn’t want to be a Roman engineer
  • What weight loss companies, coaches, mentors and mastermind groups have in common
  • What’s a mastermind group anyway
  • Why we were working 2 hours before leaving for Heathrow when we should have been packing
  • 6 ways to be accountable
  • Why you want to join the private Changeability Facebook Group

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