Affirmations for love

Love makes life worthwhile. Love for family and friends, romantic love and self-love.

"Love is all around" so the song goes, but sometimes we're so busy getting on with life we don't notice it. We forget to appreciate the love in our lives, or just don't see it even if it's right in front of us. Sometimes we don't feel loving towards ourselves or others, or we can't seem to find the love we desire.

Affirmations For Love will focus you on love. These specially composed affirmations and incantations bring love to the forefront of your conscious mind and imprint it on your subconscious.

They put you in the right mindset to see and appreciate the love around you. They open you up to the opportunities for loving relationships in your life, including the most important person in your life - yourself.

Love is the most potent intangible force in life, so listening to these affirmations will also make you feel good.

The idea behind affirmations is they help to counteract the negative self-beliefs and inner dialogue we all have, by replacing them with positive thought patterns and self-beliefs. The way you think influences how you act and these carefully crafted statements 'affirm' or 'make firm' the attitudes and beliefs that support the way you want to live.

Affirmations For Love is a high-end affirmation product.

With top quality musical accompaniment, specially composed and recorded for it’s therapeutic properties and relaxing properties.

Affirmations For Love gives you choice and flexibility - with six 12 minute tracks to choose from according to your mood and preference. Choose a female or male voice and affirmations for ‘I’ or ‘you’. Choose to be bathed in an affirmation shower of multi-voices or listen along to a single voice.

It’s easy to get your affirmations. As soon as you have paid using our secure payment gateway, download the mp3 file and start listening to your affirmations straight away.

This is a convenient and easy way to start benefitting from affirmations with minimal effort.

Affirmations for Love

Price £10
Format: .MP3
Total running time: 72 minutes

What you get

Positive audio affirmations

Positive affirmations for love, so you effectively assert, enable and embed empowering beliefs and values in yourself to help you live and love the life you want.

Male of female voice or both

We cater for your preference so you can fully relate to these positive affirmations with a voice to suite your tastes. You can even mix it up - freestyle.

Present tense positive affirmations

Written as if they are a reality now (rather than in the future) and as a positive statement {i.e. what you want, not what you don't want} to enable your subconscious to assume these statements are already in existence for you now.

Multi-voice technology

Building from a single voice to four separate voices across the audio spectrum (to appeal to both left and right hemispheres of your brain) and immerse you in the affirmation experience.

First and third person empowering statements

'You' and 'I' self-affirmation statements to suit your preferences and give you choice. The script is the same for each track.

Bespoke music

Specially composed music to enable a perfect mix of music and affirmations.


  1. I male - Affirmations for love [12 mins]
  2. I female - Affirmations for love [12 mins]
  3. You male - Affirmations for love [12 mins]
  4. You female - Affirmations for love [12 mins]
  5. Solo you male - Affirmations for love [12 mins]
  6. Solo I female - Affirmations for love [11 mins]
Affirmations for love

How to get your affirmations

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Affirmations for Love

Price £10
Format: .MP3
Total running time: 72 minutes


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