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“There are two types of people in the world. Dreamers and haters and the only difference is one thing, haters gave up on their dreams.” – Answer to the author of this quote is found in the podcast.

Joe Pardo is a New Jersey-based dreamer, who has always believed that society starts with you, and that to make changes in society you must first change how you yourself think.

His innate curiosity about people inspired him to start the motivational Dreamers Podcast and he now aptly considers himself a “recorder of dreams.”

Joe’s just released his first book (April 2015) called 31 Life-Changing Concepts, a book for people like him who hate to read books. He’s packed it full of pictures and very direct messages and challenges for the reader.

Changeability Podcast – Episode 40

Here us talk with Joe about his book, his dreams and those who’ve inspired him in episode 40 of the Changeability Podcast.  Listen by clicking above or subscribe to our podcast on iTunes or Stitcher.

In Episode 40 you’ll discover

  • Lessons learnt from people who dare to dream of a bigger life
  • Common themes amongst these dreamers
  • What ignites people to pursue their dream
  • Why starting small might be the solution to you following your own dream
  • The question that Joe ‘cringes’ at.
  • How Joe gave up a secure job in a multi-million dollar family firm to chase his own life vision
  • How a guy who doesn’t like reading came to write his own book
  • How the answer to the meaning of life isn’t 42 but 31!
  • Joe’s top 3 Life Changing Concepts
  • Why you don’t need permission to follow your dream
  • What OMG really stands for!
  • And how to view life as a game of percentages
  • Plus a lot more chat and laughter.

Resources and links mentioned in Episode 40