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The Time of Your Life

The time of your life

You think you have time

Does this apply to you?

The trouble is you think you have time” Buddha

The answer, if you’re being honest, is probably – yes it does. 

We all think we will always have more time.

We know on an intellectual level we wont.  We understand the concept that our time here is limited. We see the evidence all around us.

And yet we often don’t accept it on an emotional level, and don’t act in accordance with it.

We carry on living our lives as if there will always be a tomorrow. Another time for us to make the changes we want to make and live the lives we want to live.

Maybe even another time somewhere in the future when we’ll be happy. With that happiness depending on changes we have yet to make.

So we find ourselves saying I’ll be happy when…(fill in the blank).

Time as a Present

If this all sounds a bit depressing, what about this then?

Yesterday is history, Tomorrow a mystery.
Today is a gift, that’s why it’s called the Present.  

This is the flip side.

We can only ever really know the here and now – the present. Which is more reason to make the most of each day.

This saying also captures the essence of mindfulness – of living in the present moment and being mindful of the here and now.

Time as a concept

Time is an odd concept.

We take it for granted but what is it?

Is it a conceptual construct or convenient unit for us to measure changes and progress?

And how do we relate to it in our personal lives.

The Changeability Podcast Episode 33

These are some of the questions we’re asking in episode 33 of The Changeability Podcast – where we’re talking about The Time of Your Life.

We get a bit philosophical in this episode as we talk about time and how we relate to it, based on 3 things that happened this week to bring the subject of time to the front of our minds.

Specifically in episode 33 you find out about:

  • What these 3 have in common:
    • Prep for an online presentation
    • A final goodbye
    • The Tower of London
  • Where time starts
  • What happens to the time we loose
  • The one universal experience
  • Why time goes quicker the older you get
  • Who has the longest average lifespan out of the UK, US and Japan
  • How many days you have left
  • What happened in the year 1100AD
  • Why we’re obsessed with the Tudors and what we learn from them
  • Which century saw the most executions at the Tower of London
  • What this time talk means for us
  • Two positive ways of looking at time
  • Why this a good time to make changes in your life

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  3. Bring Up The Bodies by Hilary Mantell
  4. Wolf Hall (BBC) – DVD
  5. Mindfulness (a Beginner’s Guide) – Course
  6. With Breath in Mind – A Guided Meditation for Beginners – .mp3 audio
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