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Stop a minute and look around you. What can you see? Really look around and take in the details. Close your eyes and listen for every little sound you can hear, near and far. What can you feel, smell and taste as you sit or stand there? If you’ve done this, you’ll probably be aware of all sorts of things you hadn’t noticed before.

We’re never going to spend every minute being aware of all that’s going on around us and most of the time that doesn’t matter – but sometimes it does. And in episode 3 of the Changeability podcast we look at two ways the brain deals with all the information coming in about what’s happening around us and the effect on our ability to make changes.

 In this episode you will:

  • Take a peak into your subconscious brain
  • Meet the chief librarian in your mind
  • Find out what a quote by Donald Rumsfeld has to do with your brain and why you should care.
  • Understand why you keep seeing blue cars!
  • Discover why your brainy search engine can literally hide opportunities in front of your very eyes!
  • And why it’s only natural you don’t always achieve your goals

Links and resources mentioned in this episode:

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