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Something more to life? - Brilliant Living HQ

Something more to life?

2012: from vision to reality

It’s sometimes difficult to remember how it all started, but looking back it’s probably 24 months or so ago that set the scene for our brilliant year; the consequence of which you are beginning to see… but we’ll get on to that in due course.

It began with a vision.  Work for both of us had been challenging and the future uncertain following a change in government and the recession was beginning to loom large.  Hardly a time for optimism you might think.  To be honest, things were a bit of a slog and we frankly felt there was something more to life than this.  We weren’t unhappy but were perhaps unfulfilled, or maybe frustrated that though it appeared we were doing well and had loads to be thankful for, we spent much of our time doing things we didn’t really want to do.  We were aware that life wasn’t perhaps turning out the way we had hoped or planned (if indeed we had planned!)

The vision came about from conversations; playing with the concept of our future.  What could that future look like if we were to live the sort of life we wanted?  What changes would we need to make to create our version of brilliant living?

That was it to start with really … but we put it down on a board and it went up on our study wall. Jump forward to today and a glance at our vision board tells us we have acquired many of the goodies on it and although we haven’t achieved everything yet, we are well on the way.

And what a fantastic year we’ve had in the process.

In a nutshell – We’ve given up our previous work, spent time reading and studying how to make changes in life, carried out our own research on the best personal development techniques for getting that change, developed a series of techniques based on our personal experience, created a range of tools to support these techniques, and started our own business helping people achieve the change they want in their lives. And we’ve certainly had fun along the way! We saw the Olympic flame and Tour of Britain go past our house, attended four Olympic events and the closing ceremony, performed in shows and concerts, went to see many plays and musicals, featured in our son’s final degree film, swam a lot in the sea and river (well Julian did), attended the premiere of a film featuring our niece during London Film Festival, saw our son graduate (and get his dream first job in the TV industry!), visited relatives and friends we hadn’t seen for ages and had parties for friends and family and saw lots of fireworks – to celebrate everything from the Queen’s golden jubilee and carnival time to New Year’s Eve. And had the time and energy to enjoy the experience!

So that’s been a bit about our year.  We hope yours has been brilliant too, but if your life looked a little stuck like ours did then and you want something more to life, then why not join us to find out how we did it and how you can too!

So goodbye 2012, it’s been a ball and here’s to 2013.  Whether yours has been a ball or a beggar here’s to brilliant living in 2013!