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Mindfulness is about appreciating the here and now, after all the only life we can be certain of is happening here in this very second.  Moment by moment. Yesterday is what happened before. Tomorrow, well who knows – it’s no more than a thought at this precise point in time. So how can we make the most of it? By mindful appreciation of everything we have. With that in mind, I thought I would take a fun look at how we can foster an attitude of gratitude.  Being mindful of the activities, things and people that make us feel good and giving them additional appreciative attention and time. Like this.

Here's the transcript of the video if you prefer to read it: Sometimes it’s good to appreciate what you’ve got in your life. So what better way to do that than this deceptively simple exercise, anyone can do to foster a positive attitude to all the seemingly small or fabulous things we have in our lives.  Right now. I’ve called it the ’10-finger appreciation attitude’ Go on - give it a go now. Bring to mind 10 things which you appreciate in your life today, counting them on your fingers.  It’s important to get to 10 things, even when it becomes increasingly hard after four or five!  This is exactly what the exercise is about – consciously bringing into your awareness the previously unnoticed elements in your day and life. Something like this.

  1. I appreciate my wife
  2. I appreciate my dog Dude
  3. I appreciate that it’s been a sunny day
  4. I appreciate that I’ve got my health
  5. I appreciate I’ve got my hair
  6. I appreciate I’ve got a roof over my head
  7. I appreciate that I’ve can put food on the table when I want it
  8. I appreciate my fabulous son and how well he’s doing in his life
  9. I appreciate all my friends and family
  10. I appreciate all of you who watch my videos

Now imagine doing that every day, that’s 70 things you appreciate a week.  And what about a year? That’s 3,640 things you’d appreciate in your life – in one year. And in 20 years you would have appreciated 72,800 things.  OMG! Don’t tell me that wouldn’t have a more positive effect on your life! Anyway, until next time.  I appreciate you and would really appreciate it if you could tell me in the comments below how trying it made you feel.

How mindful are you?

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