The Changeability Book: Manage your Mind, Change your LIfe

"Changeability: Manage your mind - Change your life" by Kathryn Bryant

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    Create the life you want with this step-by-step mind management programme.
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    Easily reprogram your mind for the changed life you want with your new superpower - Changeability.
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    Available in Paperback and Kindle.

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In The Book, You Will Discover:


Powerful mind management & change techniques

Bringing together powerful mind management & change techniques from the worlds of personal development, psychology, neuroscience, business, sport, entertainment & spirituality.


A logical 10 step programme

Changeability is a logical, practical 10 step programme for those who want a smart way to make the most of life.


A no-nonsense approach to changing your life

With straightforward explanations, Changeability blends just enough theory with practical actions for you to start changing what you don't like to what you do like, starting now.


The power & ability to change

Within you lies the power and ability to change & this book shows you how.

Kathryn Bryant

About the Author: Kathryn Bryant

Kathryn Bryant BSC MA is the creator of the Brilliant Living Members' Club, founder of and co-host of the award winning Changeability Podcast (best self-help podcast: UK Podcast Awards) with husband Julian.

Dr Donald Eckard

Physician & author

“It is advice that everybody can use to make their lives better... I definitely recommend it.”

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