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Two free goal setting worksheets for your life goals

Today we share with you one of the simple tools we’ve created to help you get started with setting goals – our FREE goal setting worksheet. This easy to use worksheet, provides a quick method to systematically think about key aspects of your life, rate where you are now, and determine the focus of your […]

Pantomime Elephant

Is Goal Setting useless unless up close and personal?

Personal Development and the goal setting dilemma How many times have you set goals only to give up on them? You set out with a pocket full of good intentions to lose weight, get fitter, earn a million bucks, quit smoking, or whatever and you really mean to go for it but by week two […]

British Olympic Gold Medalists Coxless Four London 2012

Why set goals for yourself?

We started talking in our last post about the first steps we can take to change something that’s getting in the way of life being brilliant.  This was about identifying what you want to change and starting to think about what you want it to change to, in other words, your goals.  So we thought […]

Time for a change?

How to change your life

Have you ever thought you’d like to change your life, or indeed said ‘I’d like to change my life but I don’t know where to start’?  So how do you start to change your life? What do I want to change? One of the first steps in ‘how to change your life’ is to decide […]

Code to Joy: Drs George Pratt and Peter Lambrou

Code to Joy review

‘Why am I unhappy?’ asks Stephanie and so begins ‘Code to Joy’ by Drs. George Pratt and Peter Lambrou. The authors, two clinical psychologists, present us with a four step program, a ‘Code to Joy’ designed to help people like you rediscover the innate happiness we are each said to possess. The book is well […]

Peter Jackson's 'The Hobbit' with Martin Freeman

The Hobbit an Unexpected Journey and your personal development

What has ‘The Hobbit’ got to do with your personal-development?  It turns out far more than you might think. Like many, we have just been to the cinema to see The Hobbit an Unexpected Journey, the first of three epic fantasy adventure films directed, co-written and produced by Peter Jackson and based on Tolkien’s classic […]

2012: from vision to reality

Something more to life?

It’s sometimes difficult to remember how it all started, but looking back it’s probably 24 months or so ago that set the scene for our brilliant year; the consequence of which you are beginning to see… but we’ll get on to that in due course. It began with a vision.  Work for both of us had […]

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