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Kathryn Bryant Montage

20 things you didn’t know about Kathryn Bryant

I recently had the great pleasure of being selected to join a group of 44 ‘enlightened entrepreneurs’ from around the world, brought together by the marvellous Sarah Prout (author of ‘The Power of Influence’ and publisher of the ‘Adventures in Manifesting’ series).  In the interests of being open and authentic in our businesses, we were […]

Sir Alex Ferguson waves goodbye

Football, life & business – 3 things to learn from Sir Alex Ferguson

The rumours start to circulate and at 9.20am on 8th May 2013 it’s confirmed that the most successful manager in English football history has announced his retirement and it’s headline news from the streets of Manchester to the plains of Africa and beyond.  And no, we’re not obsessed with resignation stories (though the last post […]

Chris Holmes (Mr Cake) resignation cake

Have your viral cake and eat it, Mr Cake

If we’d ask you about this man before 15th April 2013 it’s likely, unless you were his close family, co-worker or lived in the vicinity of Sawston, Cambridgeshire in the UK, you’d never heard of Chris Holmes, aka. Mr Cake.  But a week is a long time on the web and in that time Mr Cake […]

From Boston to London - Lessons from a marathon

From Boston to London – lessons from a marathon

Today’s post was going to be about the London Marathon – not about the amazing performances of the elite athletes, impressive though they are – but about the heroic achievement of the everyday folk who set themselves an incredible and very possibly crazy goal of running 26.2 miles, in public! This post was about their […]

How do you view your glass?

Whether you think you can or can’t – you’re right

“Some while ago, I pulled my back and although I’d sort of made a recovery I was aware that there was still difficulty around sitting or standing for long periods of time.  My back would go into spasm, or it felt like I was locking up in some way. I initially tried various therapies to […]

Beliefs and mindset

The soundtrack in your head – beliefs and mindset

There’s a term in audio recording for a section of music or sound, edited into a short audio file using music software so that when it’s played end to end it will repeat seamlessly.  The repetition may be such that not only does the music make sense on some level to the listener, but also […]

Euro Lottery Balls

So you want to win the lottery? Really?

As I write this, in a room somewhere in Paris seven numbers will be drawn at random and someone from the UK or Europe will win the lottery and a cool £80,000,000.  For tonight there is a EuroMillions lottery mega-draw with a guaranteed jackpot of €100million (Euros), the equivalent of about $129million (U.S. dollars).  And in […]


What are your personal values? Why are they important?

The last three weeks have been a whirl.  Here’s a taste of some of what we’ve done: We’ve performed in 13 shows of the pantomime ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ with our local theatre group (Kathryn as the Witch and Julian as the Squire); Last week we travelled to London to spend the day with our […]