Affirmability - The Power of Affirmations

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About this course

Introduction - key points

  • You’re about to find out everything you need to know about affirmations and how to use the power of affirmations in your own life.
  • You’re learning an incredible skill that you can then apply to any area of your life, work or business.
  • This is not just about learning, this is very much a practical course with actions and specific outcomes.

By the end of this course you will know the why, what and how of affirmations.

  • WHY  you need affirmations
  • WHAT  affirmations and affirmability are
  • HOW  to create your affirmations so they work
  • HOW  to use them in different ways.
  • HOW  to overcome resistance you may experience when you start using them.

You can then get started with your own affirmations. We’ll also give you some of our affirmations to inspire you to create your own but also to get you going straight away, getting in the habit of using affirmations.

So I hope you're excited to get going. We're going to start by looking at why you want affirmability, so you’ll know why we’re even talking about affirmations as a thing and why you’ll be doing what you’ll be doing in a few minutes. It’s got something to do with the power of words, but we're jumping ahead because it all begins with what’s going on in your head, your thoughts and why those thoughts matter.