Meditation Moments: With Breath in Mind is a great place to start if you're new to meditation or want to revisit the basics of mindfulness meditation. Beginning with a fully guided ten-minute meditation, you're talked through exactly what to do to easily get going with meditation.

As you listen to the tracks you are guided to focus on your breath and be aware of the present moment and your thoughts coming and going, and hey presto - you're meditating.

It's only natural for your thoughts to keep coming during meditations yet this is why people sometimes find meditation frustrating or think they can't do it - but you can and it's simple. Following this guided meditation will help you maintain focus on the meditation experience, so you can start experiencing the benefits of meditation straight away by listening and following along.

As you become familiar with meditating you don't need the fully guided meditation all the time so you get two semi-guided tracks, stripped bare as we call them, to give you that partial support. Finally you move on to the unguided timed meditation.

Each meditation is ten minutes so you can easily fit it into your day once or twice. We also give you a choice of a silent or seascape background to each of the meditations.

In short you get everything you need to start meditating today with inbuilt progression to take you to the next step and choice of background thrown in - all in one convenient easy downloadable mp3.

 Stephanie Lin 

 Spiritual Construction Worker, Life Coach & Author 

I've listened to several guided meditations in the past and I thought this one stood out as being near perfect for me.

Meditation Moments: With Breath in Mind

A Guided Meditation for Beginners
Price £10
Format: .MP3
Total running time: 63 minutes

What you get

Mini Meditation retreat

Wherever you are, enabling you to still your mind, increase your focus and concentration, be calm and anchored in the present moment.

Mindfulness meditation techniques

To recognise the workings of your mind and the tendency to wander, label or self-sabotage; leading to increased self-awareness and improved mental and emotional wellbeing.

Progressive meditation system

Fully guided meditation, leading on to more minimal and finally unguided meditation tracks so you progress in the your meditation technique.

Ten-minute meditations

To maintain a convenient workable meditation practice for beginners with a busy lifestyle.

Accompanying seascape or voice only

To allow you to listen in a variety of environments and to suit your preference.

Instant access

The convenient, downloadable .mp3 format enables you to start your meditation straight away.


  1. Introduction to Meditation Moments [3 mins]
  2. With Breath in Mind - fully guided [10 mins]
  3. With Breath in Mind - fully guided with seascape [10 mins]
  4. With Breath in Mind - stripped bare [10 mins]
  5. With Breath in Mind - stripped bare with seascape [10 mins]
  6. With Breath in Mind - bells and silence [10 mins]
  7. With Breath in Mind - bells and seascape [10 mins]
With Breath in Mind: Guided Meditation for Beginners

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Meditation Moments: With Breath in Mind

A Guided Meditation for Beginners
Price £10
Format: .MP3
Total running time: 63 minutes

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