Appreciate to Accumulate

Appreciate to Accumulate is all about an 'attitude of gratitude'.

It's a short shot of appreciation delivered straight to your brain to make you feel good any time of the day!

Like that first coffee of the day, with this appreciation caffeine for the mind you not only enjoy the experience but get primed for action.

Whatever you want to accumulate in your life, more love, fitness, time for yourself, health, wealth, happiness, etc, the best place to start is the here and now - appreciating what you already have.

This five minute blast of total thankfulness will make you mindful of the present moment, fill your brain with appreciative thoughts in this moment, bring a smile to your face and put you in the right frame of mind to take action to get more to appreciate.

You've probably heard that developing an attitude of gratitude habit is essential for happiness and like any habit it requires repetition of thought and action. That's the theory but you're busy living your life and don't always remember to stop and take the time and effort to appreciate what's around you. This is where Appreciate to Accumulate comes in.

With uplifting statements and phrases to guide your thoughts, Appreciate to Accumulate provides an easy convenient enjoyable way to develop and maintain the appreciation habit, just five minutes at a time.

This is great for it's own sake but also provides an excellent foundation to make changes in your life, for this reason it fits perfectly with other personal development techniques and products (such as those on this site). So listen on its own or to get in an optimum frame of mind for meditation, visualisation or affirmations.

Appreciate to Accumulate (Affirmations for gratitude)

Price £10
Format: .MP3
Total running time: 56 minutes

What you get

Positive, appreciative phrases and statements

So that you can recognise, acknowledge and feel great about the many wonderful things in your life now.

Guided appreciation

Our carefully crafted technique enables you to personalise the statements with examples from your life as you listen, or to relax and let the voices wash over you.

Mindful appreciation and gratitude

So you're mindful of and appreciative in the present moment, whilst positioning yourself in a good place from which to enhance, expand and make changes in your life.

Bespoke music

Specially composed music so you get the right blend of music and voice.

Male or female voice options

So you can relate to our guided appreciations with a voice to suit your mood and preference - male, female or both.


  1. Appreciation: Appreciate to Accumulate [5 mins]
  2. Appreciation: Appreciate to Accumulate (Female Voice) [5 mins]
  3. Appreciation: Appreciate to Accumulate (Male Voice) [5 mins]

How to get your affirmations

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Get affirmations for money and wealth now.

appreciate to accumulate: affirmations for gratitude

Price £10
Format: .MP3
Total running time: 56 minutes


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